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Hale Razor updates his Biden year in review from two months ago and WOOF, we thought it was bad THEN

Two months ago, Twitchy favorite Hale Razor was good enough to put together Biden’s first year in a review. If you look at the numbers THEN it was pretty damn horrible.


But hey, no mean tweets.

Looking at that, we imagine many Americans would be happy to see $3.31 for a gallon of gas and inflation down to 4.7%. (saying ‘down to 4.7% is crazy, right?)

Hale updated information that’s already changed (for the worst) quite dramatically.

Gas and that inflation rate … wow.

The highest rate of inflation since 1982

Highest average gas price since the Obama years.

Seeing a pattern with gas prices especially. #ObamasThirdTerm

Great visual and terrifyingly accurate.

Almost 1 million.


From two months ago … crazy, right?

But we were told specifically all of this is Putin’s fault and Putin’s inflation.

So that couldn’t be right since Putin didn’t invade Ukraine until a few weeks ago. Granted, that hasn’t stopped Biden and his useless administration from blaming Russia and Putin for the mess they’ve made of our country in 14 short months, but still.

As long as their lemming supporters keep blaming that evil Russian guy.

Biden just keeps doing worse and worse.



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