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'LITERAL propaganda': AG takes media and Dems APART for deliberately misleading the public on 'Don't Say Gay' FL bill

Welp, our pals in the media and the Democratic Party are once again trying really super hard to paint DeSantis as some sort of homophobe over a bill that prevents teachers or school admin (or any adult) from talking about sexual identity with 4-8-year-olds.


Oh, yeah, that’s the bill.

It has nothing to do with ‘Don’t Say Gay,’ and it absolutely is targeted to protect children in public schools but you know, it’s far edgier to pretend he is trying to cancel gay people.

Or something.

And the media is going along with it, reporting the bill as if it is actually called the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill.

Yeah, they’re d i c k s.

This is what’s called propaganda.


We know, we shouldn’t be surprised by news outlets who actually took money from the feds to push vaccines ‘in a media campaign’ pushing a partisan nickname in their coverage of a bill to protect children but c’mon.

Gosh, gay isn’t even in the bill.


Who knew?


Look at those headlines.

Obnoxious aren’t they?

And they’re terrified of DeSantis, who is just as good on policy as Trump was, without any of the ‘mean tweets.’



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