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Gonna BLOW! Richard Grenell triggers TF out of Lefties by pointing out who Biden allows to supply our energy INSTEAD of Americans

Let’s be honest, it doesn’t take much to trigger the Left, but Richard is just so good at it.


Venezuela, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran … looks like a lot of bad guys to us.

Sorry, bad actors.

Would it just be simpler (and safer!) for Americans to supply our own energy? Not rely on dictators like Putin?


Democrats are owned by special interests.

Let’s not pretend Biden could explain how to tie his own shoes at this point, let alone talk about why he is talking to Venezuela about giving us oil and not focusing on energy independence.

And as we said up there, Lefties just can’t deal with the reality they’ve created because an orange man tweeted mean things.


Sure, Richard doesn’t understand. IT’S EVIL CORPORATIONS doing it!



Say what?

Yeah, we made a similar face.

If only they could meme.

Just a little.


Sure, he’s the one gaslighting.

Not the guy who reversed energy independence the day he took office.



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