Ok, we have to share a funny with you before we even get started on this article about Vindman’s ‘dunk’ on MTG. So, we always try and find a picture that adequately sums up or plays nice with the piece we’re writing. This editor has been looking for a decent pic of Vindman for weeks now, and they all look like this:

Or this:

It’s as if this guy has one expression, and it’s the face someone makes when they feel a shart coming on.

Funny, right?

Ok, back to the article.

So, Vindman thought this crazy tweet accusing MTG of being at fault for Putin invading Ukraine would make her LOOK bad. When in reality he just comes off as some unhinged lunatic.

Who needs to shart.

He sounds like he should be yelling at kids for hanging out in his front yard or walking on his grass.

All that’s missing is something like, ‘YOU’LL RUE THE DAAAAAAY.’

We sort of remember Biden telling the Ukraine to let Russia have a little bit of their country, so maybe Putin wouldn’t totally invade them. But sure, it was MTG who played the cheerleader and encouraged Putin to do it.


Oh no no, let Alex talk.

He’s great Twitchy fodder.

Not to mention the only real sanction that would hurt Russia we all know Biden isn’t willing to impose.


They both really are.

Scary, right?



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