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Deep thoughts, with Kamala Harris (except nobody can figure out WTF she's talking about): WATCH her cringiest word salad YET

Any time Kamala Harris tries to be inspirational and moving she just ends up making a total and complete nob of herself. Again, when you watch her you can tell she is cognizant of how much people really don’t like her, and she absolutely sabotages herself every time.


Seriously, if you can figure out what the Hell Kamala is talking about here, let us know.

Kamala. Huh?

We know it’s free these days but put the crackpipe DOWN.

If it’s possible shouldn’t it be pretty damn easy to make it happen?

This is like the dumbest fortune cookie in this history of dumb fortune cookies.


We feel seen.


She’s super uncomfortable and knows everyone hates her.

It shows every time.

Yup, that just about sums it up.



‘Weak party CONTROLLED by interest groups’: Noah Pollak takes Dems, Biden, and his ‘foreign policy moves’ APART in BRUTAL thread

‘Guy’s a misinformation MACHINE’: Alexander Vindman’s dunk on MTG blaming HER for Putin invading Ukraine only makes HIM look worse

‘Dude. YOU own this.’ David Frum pretending to chastise Biden for not ‘speaking plainly’ about food/fuel inflation being Putin’s fault BACKFIRES

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