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'Cry me a RIVER, Andy': Andrew Cuomo playing the VICTIM does NOT go over well with ANYONE (Right OR Left), like at all

Poor Andrew Cuomo. Everyone was so UNFAIR to him and all he did was bump off a bunch of old people with his policies around a virus and sexually harass some of his aides. Psh, super unfair to hold him accountable and stuff …

That this guy in any way has the NERVE to play the victim tells us all exactly how entitled Democrats really are.

Andrew, you got your brother fired.

But you know, you’re the victim.

Not the thousands of elderly people who perished under Andy’s COVID regulations or the young women he sexually harassed … no no, Andy is the victim.

What an a-hole.


What a snake.

And really, blah blah blah sums it up.

Janice Dean ain’t buyin’ it:

It really does.

He really thinks people will forgive and forget.

And he’s really wrong.



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