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NEVER go full 1619 Project! Thread lists ACTUAL historic claims made by Nikole Hannah-Jones and WOW these are some DOOZIES

We knew Nikole Hannah-Jones had made some crazy claims about historic events (that one about Europe not actually being a continent was a real humdinger), but when you see them all written out in a thread like this?


And you know what’s even scarier is people take this woman seriously.

Suppose that’s what they mean by ‘their truth’? Maybe?

Hey, we don’t know, we just work here.

Look at this:

White supremacist construct.

Time is a social construct.

Something like that?

The 2008 Financial Crisis was caused by slavery.


Washington didn’t support the Revolution until he’d already been fighting for six months. Huh. You know, you’d think someone close to Nikole would have told her this is really stupid but whatever.


Soooooo … the Aztecs learned to build the pyramids from who and what now? And America dropped a nuclear weapon on Hiroshima so it didn’t go to waste?


Yes, it was all a PLOT to disrupt the BLM movement.



The word ‘doozies’ doesn’t really accurately describe what we’re seeing here.


It’s crazy.



OOF! Sam Stein’s attempt to DRAG Trump over his statement reminding everyone HE armed Ukraine when Obama refused BACKFIRES

‘Man, just STFU’: Obama exploiting Trayvon Martin’s death in tweet about HIMSELF pisses both the Right AND the Left off

Resistance zero (sorry, ‘hero’) Alexander Vindman busted TWICE in 2 days pushing fake and easily debunked news about Russia and Ukraine

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