Sam Stein certainly left a lot out of his tweet dragging Trump for his statement about arming the Ukrainians when Obama/Biden just sent them blankets. Say what you will about Trump (and these yahoos certainly are saying a lot about him), but the guy pushed NATO to do more and he absolutely did more for Ukraine than Obama or Biden ever did.

Notice how they always forget Burisma.

And Hunter Biden.

They can’t STAND giving Trump credit for anything.

Luckily, people who were not asleep over the past five years were more than happy to correct the record for Sam.

What Mark said.

Imagine if the media had carried this much water for Jimmy Carter? He probably would’ve served a second term.

Trump got tired of America footing the bill.

And he called them all out.


But you know, Trump was Putin’s puppet or something.

It would only be more surprising if everything Sam typed were true.



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