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Gosh, we feel SHOCKED: Hale Razor exposes the 'political' science behind magical changes with COVID restrictions (screenshots)

Well well well, looks like Biden shut down the virus. Hey, that’s the narrative we’re seeing in the media, so surely the numbers must be down and things MUST be better, right?



They wouldn’t actually expose how blatantly political COVID restrictions are and have been for nearly two years now, would they?

Funny how the masks are going away a day before Biden’s SOTU. Especially when you look at these screenshots from Hale Razor:


Aww yes, the politics of COVID. Good times.

And slowly but surely we’ll see Democrats pretend they were the party fighting closures and lockdowns.

Wonder if they’ll go so far as to claim there was a magical party switch?



Sorry, but liberal logic is absolutely an oxymoron.

Sort of like government intelligence.

The ‘know-betters’.

That works.



OOF! Sam Stein’s attempt to DRAG Trump over his statement reminding everyone HE armed Ukraine when Obama refused BACKFIRES

‘Man, just STFU’: Obama exploiting Trayvon Martin’s death in tweet about HIMSELF pisses both the Right AND the Left off

Resistance zero (sorry, ‘hero’) Alexander Vindman busted TWICE in 2 days pushing fake and easily debunked news about Russia and Ukraine

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