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WOOF! We read a lot of stupid tweets but Blue-check asking why Ukrainians aren't all just airlifted out takes the dumb-tweet CAKE

When a dumb tweet is so dumb it can dumbly speak for itself and we can post without saying much?

Now THAT is Twitchy fodder:


Told you.

Really dumb.

Did you cringe just a little reading that?

We did.

Crazy, right?

Who knew not wanting to give up your country to the Russians makes you a nationalist?


Shocked there hasn’t been an argument made about pineapple on pizza yet.

But do you?

Do you REALLY?



So we went to look at her timeline and it’s a mess.

Alrighty then.

Oh the irony.



Next. Level. CRAZY. –> Blue check ‘scholar’ goes full-out #BlueAnon on MSNBC with BATSH*T rant about Trump and Ukraine (watch)

‘Real-life SUPERHERO!’ Elon Musk answers Ukrainian official’s desperate cry for help, activates Starlink internet service IN Ukraine

Biden blaming Americans for being ‘too depressed from COVID’ to realize he’s made things SOOO much better for them goes SO wrong

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