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'This SATIRE'? WaPo's attempt to blame Ukraine for screwing up Biden's 'ready to surge' economy FAILS on so many embarrassing levels

Note, it took THREE PEOPLE to write this garbage.



From WaPo:

A few weeks ago, the coronavirus’s fading omicron variant, falling gas prices, and a newly buoyant stock market set the table for what many felt could be a surging U.S. economy in 2022.

But those rosy scenarios are suddenly in doubt, as rampant geopolitical uncertainty has helped drive up energy prices and send global markets on a roller-coaster ride. These changes could give many consumers and businesses pause and put more pressure on Washington leaders to respond, even though it is unclear how exactly they will intervene.


Things were AOK until Putin decided to invade Ukraine.

Don’t believe you’re lying eyes.

Holy crap.

One would think.


Freakin’ Ukraine getting invaded and stuff … sheesh.


At this point, all we can do is laugh.



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