It’s as if Eric Swalwell is getting dumber in real-time.

All Fox News did was report on Eric ‘floating the idea’ of kicking Russian students out of US universities …

And he thinks they’re trying to own him? What now?

Sharing footage of the Chinese-spy-banging representative farting on national television is owning him. Reporting on his stupid ideas is just that, reporting.

Unless he knows his idea is stupid.

Note, nobody is rooting for Russia.

We’ve been looking for someone to drag over it … and no. And sure, Eric has spent five years now pushing hoaxes about Russia and Trump but this is getting just sad at this point. Dude needs to move on.

Oh, and his claim that Fox News viewers agree with him?

Watch this.

HOOBOY, the receipts don’t exactly support Eric’s claim.

‘Eric could break wind on them’ is maybe our fave.


And fin.



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