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Blue-check whose BIGGEST accomplishment was Trump blocking her TRIPS over old tweet 'thanking' Biden for not starting a World War

There’s always a tweet.

Especially when you’re a frothy-mouthed over-hyped Twitter troll who got ‘famous’ because of your hatred for Trump. What a small-minded, simple group of mouth-breathers Angela Belcamino appeals to.


Case in point, this tweet from July of last year where she babbled about waking up without anxiety over war.

It aged great, right?

Yeah, thanks, Biden.


Not to worry, her new tweets are sh*t too:

Hey, those horrible tweets for the grift ain’t gonna write themselves ya’ know.



Tell us you’re a moron without actually SAYING it: Self-proclaimed ‘friend of socialist China’ applauds Putin for ‘De-Nazifying’ Ukraine

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