Oh, if you thought that tweet nagging Ukrainians being BOMBED about crowding together since only 1/3 of them are actually vaccinated you ain’t seen NOTHING’ yet.

Danny here thinks what’s happening in Ukraine is a good thing because the country apparently needs to be ‘de-Nazi’d’.

One almost wonders if the Nazis Danny is referring to are in the room with him.

Because clearly Ukraine is known for its HUGE Nazi population.


Horrible events really and truly bring out the stupid in people.

That sums up this editor on Twitter EVERY DAMN DAY.


If we don’t laugh we’ll never stop crying.


Because if and when you do, you’ll get Twitchied every time.



NOBODY is this stupid –> Lefty DRAGGED for nagging UNVACCINATED Ukrainians literally being BOMBED about ‘crowding together inside’

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