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'Coordinated ATTACK on our rights and freedoms': Canadian drops the HAMMER on Trudeau in thread about leaving Canada for the US

Canadian exodus? Wouldn’t surprise us at all.

Especially with ol’ Justin and his communist pals turning the screws on the Canadian people.

Hey, just callin’ it like we see it.


This Canadian has seen the writing on the wall and is getting TF out of Canada – his thread is damning and heartbreaking, all at once.

Being from Virginia, this editor can so relate to this tweet. Government robbing children of their childhood in order to ‘protect them’ from a virus that really doesn’t pose much of a threat to them in the first place. And with everything we know now, any government continuing to mask children is just playing politics.


Watching Trudeau especially, this certainly seems to be the case.

It’s not being a sell-out to do what’s right for your own family.

Parents matter.

Ask Terry McAuliffe and Virginia Democrats in general.


Ding ding ding.

Just as we are eventually starting to win in Virginia, yes, we will win in Canada as well. The fight goes ON.



Yeah NO: MP Ya’ara Saks doubles DOWN on her Freedom Convoy #HonkHonk Nazi claim and HOOBOY, that’s a lotta backfire

Because SCIENCE! The Atlantic’s headline pushing mask mandates only gets DUMBER when they rewrite it (screenshots)

‘YEAH, that’s the ticket’! Blue-check DRAGGED over pathetic thread claiming GOP won in VA because of ‘MUH RACISM’ messaging

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