The Atlantic is really trying to do its part to remind us why nobody should bother reading The Atlantic … ever.

Nice of them to at least be honest about why they’re still pushing mask mandates, and it has nothing to do with science or public health.

Apparently, mask mandates reflect ‘communities’ goals.’

Don’t look at us, we just work here.

What he said.

This is an insult to morons EVERYWHERE.

And that’s really and truly what they’re saying.

Scary times we’re living in, folks.

Nope, and the people who read their nonsense and worse VOTE for that nonsense will never learn either. You know there are people nodding their heads like good little automotons who CARE SO MUCH about their community they’re willing to torment people who refuse to follow their rules.

Their ‘science’ conveniently lines up with their agenda.

See abortion.

But this is The Atlantic we’re talking about … so there’s that.



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