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'Coming up a little SHORT': Robert Reich lists 10 reasons why he thinks Biden will keep both a Democratic House and Senate and LOL

Robert Reich used President’s Day to make a silly prediction about Biden keeping both a Democratic House and Senate.

Yeah, we laughed too.

Maybe Bob has missed all of the polls showing how grossly unpopular Biden himself is (and most Democrats as well), or maybe he was just trying to get some clicks and taps to his cute little substack.


Either way … the jokes write themselves:

Keep telling yourself that, Robert.

We won’t bore you with anything from his article (mainly because we don’t want to give him the click), but as you can see from the replies, this is the funniest thing we’ve seen from Robert maybe ever.

Too bad he didn’t mean it to be funny.

From USA Today:

President Joe Biden is now so unpopular that he has fallen a bit below even Donald Trump’s dismal showing at this point in his presidency.

Real Clear Politics average of presidential approval polls has Biden at 41% approval and 53% disapproval. Trump’s corresponding 2018 approval number edges Biden at 41.4%, with disapproval at 53.9%.

President Pudding Cup is sucking wind.



Here are 10 reasons why Robert is hopeless … hey, that could be a Twitchy article.

Gotta LOVE those magical trunks and thumb drives of Democratic votes that show up just in the nick of time.

We see what he did there.



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