WaPo really and truly outdid itself this time and when we say that, we’re not being complimentary. Hey, we know they write a lot of stupid stuff but this? This is impressively dumb. It’s so dumb it should end up in some museum of stupid headlines someday.

They really must think history started in 2016.

Look at this nonsense:

They just can’t quit Trump.

And pretending Putin is scared of Biden? C’mon man! We’re more likely to believe her really fought some bad guy named Cornpop than that.


There’s a reason Putin waited until Trump was out of office.

They won’t admit that but we all know.

Yeah, we giggle-snorted when we read that too.

Sniffing glue?



They’re working on it.

Psh, Democracy is no longer dying … with headlines like this, it’s dead.



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