It’s cute watching people on the Left pretend that Biden is somehow better at dealing with Putin and Russia than Trump and that makes everything happening right now less crappy or something. Seriously. ‘Hey, Biden is sucking wind but at least it’s not Trump,’ seems sorta pathetic when Biden was around the first time Russia invaded Ukraine.

Just sayin’.

These same people probably still think Biden stood up to some bad guy named Cornpop.

Ben Shapiro with the short and definitely not sweet history lesson:


They want to claim things would be WORSE with the guy who kept things from being worse … while the guy in the White House was around the first time things got worse.

Or something.

That’s the reality.

Sorry, not sorry, Lefties.

The mental gymnastics these people go through to somehow pretend Biden is doing a good job is impressive, and not in a good way.

Obama’s third term.



Biden could urinate on their shoes and they’d claim it’s raining.


Nappy time.

Oh, and we can’t end this piece on Biden being super scary to Putin without including a tweet that illustrates how bad at all of this the media is:

Aged about as well as Biden himself.



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