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Suck it UP: Blue-check Jacobin 'writer' tries DESPERATELY (and fails hilariously) to pretend Justin Trudeau isn't really on 'the Left'

Man oh man, watching Justin Trudeau do and be everything the Left spent four years accusing Donald Trump of doing and being has been quite frankly scary as Hell. We made fun of them a lot for claiming Trump was an authoritarian who was going to squash free speech and lock innocent people up.


Come to think of it, Biden is also a lot like Trudeau these days but we’ll save that for another article.

You know it’s bad when the Left doesn’t want to lay claim to Trudeau … anymore.

Neo-liberal centrist.


Holy crap.

Sorry Lefties, Justin aka #BlackfaceHitler is ALL yours.


Could be.

Notice they don’t want to talk labels when they’re the ones doing horrible sh*t.

Because of course.


Sooooo suck it up.



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