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Oh HONEY, just take the L: Cheri Jacobus accusing @DefiantLs of buying 1000s of fake followers after being reinstated BACKFIRES

Cheri Jacobus could at least have the nards to tag @DefiantLs if she’s going to trash the account.

Funny how absolutely clueless she is …

Like other sad blue-checks on Twitter, Cheri was quite pleased when the one account that uses their own tweets to make them look stupid got suspended. Imagine being angry at a Twitter account instead of yourself for tweeting something dumb in the first place.


Now that DefiantLs is back, she’s accusing them of buying fake followers.

Don’t make that face, we didn’t write the tweet.

Trump really did break her.

Just to check out Cheri’s theory, we audited DefiantLs following and 95% of his/hers/their followers are legit.

So, Cheri is wrong.




Poor Cheri, she really thought she’d taken that mean ol’ account down.

Hence the Barbara Streisand effect.



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