As we watch Justin Trudeau show us what a REAL authoritarian looks like, David Frum was quick to tell the Canadian government to really hammer on the protesters and make them understand true protests like the Freedom Convoy should not be tolerated.

In fact, Dave wants to make sure protesters are only allowed to be in a certain area to protest … which sort of defeats the whole purpose of protesting but hey, what do we know.

Surely, Dave was this direct when BLM and Antifa were shutting down roads and bridges, setting fires to buildings, looting, and killing innocent people over the summer of 2020, right? Welp, he may have been but we sure as Hell can’t find any tweets like this one condemning those riots and telling them to riot in certain areas.

Oh, sorry.


Right? That’s all Justin had to do.


There it is.

C’mon man, THAT was different.

Or something.

David always seems to be on the wrong side of history.



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