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'Old and Broke: Worse than 911 --> Hot and New: JAN 6! REEE!' Yup, CNN really went there with Joe Rogan and WHOO DAWGIE the backfire



At this point, we’re starting to wonder if CNN is deliberately trying to alienate and piss people off because they know their ratings are tanking more and more daily so why not just help things along but HOLY CRAP.


Really guys?

Rogan using the n-word 12 YEARS AGO is a January 6 moment?




You’d think someone close to John Blake would have said, ‘Eh, dude, you sure about this,’ BUT this is CNN we’re talking about so yeah …

Whoa, when you put it like that.

Good point.


Interesting point.

We’re pretty sure he did not mean it this way (BECAUSE JANUARY 6 WAS LIKE A BAZILLION 9/11s or something), but that at least makes sense.

Who knew?



ARGLE BARGLE RAR!!! Goldie Hawn warns COVID trauma (especially masking) is hurting our kids and Lefties lose their DAMN MINDS

‘Your revolution is OVER.’ Karol Markowicz DROPS Tom Nichols, Mehdi Hasan, and their little pissing match over COVID mandates in 1 EPIC tweet

‘But her TREASON’: Hillary Clinton DRAGGED mercilessly with her own trolling tweet after Clinton Campaign spying on Trump BOMBSHELL drops

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