Goldie Hawn was trending first thing this morning when this editor popped on the Hellsite that IS Twitter, and our first thought was, ‘Oh no, she got the VID.’

The second thought was, ‘NO NO, NOT GOLDIE,’ because typically celebrities who aren’t constantly b*tching and moaning on social media only trend when something horrible has happened to them.

When we saw she was trending because she disagrees with kids being masked in school? WHOA. And then of course we noticed the screeching and caterwauling that typically follow when someone the Left thought WAS ONE OF THEM has a thought of their own.

From Fox News:

Academy award-winning actress Goldie Hawn warned that the coronavirus trauma is deeply impacting children nationwide, and stressed that kids “aren’t able to manage what’s going on.”

Hawn joined “Fox & Friends,” Friday to highlight how children are being deeply impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and related restrictions.

“We can start looking at what we’re putting into schools. We can start looking at how we’re putting preventative social and emotional programs into schools,” Hawn told co-hosts Brian Kilmeade, Will Cain, and Carley Shimkus.

“We’re dealing right now with a mental illness pandemic. Mental illness is something that can actually last; it’s very, very dangerous. If we don’t look at it and know what and how to handle it, then we’re not going to win this battle with kids.”

Spot freakin’ on.


BUUUUUUT here we go:

What do you want to bet she’d be calling Goldie a genius if she agreed with her?

Says the non-expert. HA HA HA HA HA HA

Love all of these tweets who are far from medical experts angry at Goldie Hawn for tweeting and not being a medical expert.

Hilarious, right?


The irony of this tweet.

Told you.

Out. Of. Their. Minds.


Goldie doesn’t have to be an expert to see it’s eff’d up to make children babysit the fears of adults.



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