Hillary Clinton is just evil. Sorry, not sorry.

We were starting to think this woman was going to try and run for president again with how frequently she was crossing our timelines and how she was elevating her stupid to new levels openly with tweets like this one.

But now that Durham has dropped his little bombshell about the Clinton Campaign spying on Trump to link him with Russia we’d like to think those plans may now be changing. Then again, she is Hillary, the herpes of politics, and nothing seems to make her ‘go away.’

The timing of her tweet couldn’t have been worse though, and the idea of writing about how much she sucks again is a lot of fun for this editor.

See, always a silver lining.

Yup, that’s her.

Well, that’s her like 20 years ago but still.


It would be a lot of fun to watch those debates.

What he said.

Pretty damn sad.

It may be one of the fastest and poorest aging tweets we’ve seen yet.

Indeed it does.



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