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'CAUGHT THEM in the act': Vocal critic of Nancy Pelosi and Jan 6 COM Rep. Troy Nehls shares terrifying thread about Capitol Police investigating his office

Now, why oh why would the Capitol Police illegally investigate a congressman’s office?

It’s gettin’ spooky, folks.

Well, spookier.

What the Hell was going on here?



Meep again.

While the House was in recess.

Remember when Democrats passed Obamacare on Christmas Eve? They love their holidays …


They were dressed as construction workers?


Our government has turned into an overreaching dumpster fire of authoritarian bullsh*t that has forgotten its place? Just spitballin’.

Ooh ooh, we know!



The same Capitol Police Nancy allegedly told to stand down?

*adjusts tinfoil hat*



‘Stop using us African Americans to do your dirty work’: Greg Gutfeld shares ‘message from an Angry Black Male’ and HOT DAMN (watch)

Just a GARBAGE site: Drew Holden LEVELS Gawker in short but (not) sweet thread for trying to bully Kyrsten Sinema with her SSN

‘Definitive PROOF!’ Dave Portnoy just NEUTERS brothers behind troll-group MeidasTouch who are trying to cancel Joe Rogan (watch)

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