Pretty tacky, Gawker. Just sayin’.

We’re not entirely sure what Democrats, the Left, and the media (same difference) think harassing Kyrsten Sinema is going to accomplish. Seriously. What, do they really think threatening her with the idea of sharing her Social Security Number is going to influence her to vote the way they want her to.

If this editor was Sinema, the heels would dig in even MORE after a stunt like this one.

Drew Holden wrote a short but (not) sweet thread about the garbage that is Gawker:

We don’t remember Gawker ever trying to be nice?

Honestly, Gawker has always been just a garbage site in this editor’s humble opinion. We’d only be shocked if they WEREN’T acting like high school bullies.

Case in point:

Sums it up nicely.

These journalists are not in it to cover the news. They’re in it for attention, faves, likes, clicks, retweets, and maybe a few high-fives from other horrible people who bother to read their tripe.

They haven’t printed it YET.

But they sure are trying to intimidate Kyrsten with the knowledge they have it.

And that makes them bullies.

Not journalists.



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