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Truth HURTS, eh Jimmy? Glenn Greenwald DROPS Jim Acosta in just 1 BRUTALLY honest tweet for trying to bully Meghan McCain

Jim Acosta really is just a hot mess.

And considering how quickly his network is falling apart, you’d think he’d spend a little more time giving people a reason to watch him and a little less time playing Twitter troll for the frothy-mouthed, braindead people who think he’s worth following. If only his 2.3 million followers on Twitter actually meant anything to his sagging, pathetic ratings.


Guess he couldn’t stand hearing the truth about why people don’t trust the media anymore, even though he played a huge part in making this a reality because he went after Meghan McCain for pointing out more people trust Joe Rogan.

That’s when Glenn Greenwald dropped him:

We get it, Jim was trying to somehow make a dig at McCain over the ‘breaking’ story of Rogan using the n-word.

Like that in any way changes the fact that nobody trusts the media anymore.

And everything in Greenwald’s tweet is painfully and brutally true.

Oh, is that what he’s supposed to do?

All we ever see him do is troll people on Twitter and whine about a guy who hasn’t been president in over a year.


Acosta isn’t inspiring anyone or making them think. He’s feeding the sad viewers he has left, which keep on falling and falling.

Hey now, that’s an insult to boxes of rocks everywhere.



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