As Twitchy reported earlier, dear reader, AC Cordoza, the only Black GOP legislator in the House, was denied when he sought to join the Virginia Black Caucus. Senator Louise Lucas subtweeted some nonsense out that was supposedly about how he mistreats his staff (she did not include his name or the name of the person who supposedly sent her the email), but we all know she was referring to Cordoza.

Instead of just admitting she snubbed him because he’s a Republican.

Super tolerant, right?

Luckily, the amazing, brilliant, takes-no-sh*t Lt. Governor Winsome Earle-Sears stepped up to mock the Virginia Black Caucus for their treatment of Cordoza; she really made them all look like a bunch of a-holes:

These all sound better already.

The, ‘No More Division Caucus’ would go a long way in fixing the mess Northam and Democrats made of Virginia, just sayin’.

She continued:


Becky With The Good Hair Caucus … HA HA HA HA



Yes, we do.

She stands up to the bullies.

Wouldn’t that be refreshing?



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