The Left just can’t figure out why Youngkin won … which means they’ll keep losing.

Governor Youngkin was talking about his plan to eliminate the grocery tax (can you believe they still tax groceries?!) in an Alexandria grocery store, and some angry woman started yelling at him for not wearing a mask. Note, there is no mask mandate in the state of Virginia and Youngkin is currently fighting to unmask children in the schools as well. So really, he’s doing exactly what he has said he’d do and acting exactly as he said he would.

That being said, we’re ok with this woman covering her face:

Youngkin was a class act, ‘We’re all making choices today,’ as that has been his talking point all along. He’s not pro or anti-mask, he’s about the choice when it comes to wearing one. Guess that freaks out the authoritarians on the Left who really and truly care only about controlling others.

And maybe the angry masked heifer missed it, but Youngkin WON.

Perhaps she should read the room.

But being a jerk comes so naturally to so many people.

They are programmed.


True story.

Crazy people are still wearing them.

Case in point, that chick.

That. Would. Have. Been. Awesome.

‘Don’t worry crazy woman, I am holding my breath like Mayor Garcetti. It’s all good!’


Oh, they are so confused in Virginia right now. They keep hating on the new governor and they keep getting dragged for hating on the new governor.

Maybe it’s the local media who need to learn to read the room?



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