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Randi Weingarten tries DELETING tweet calling parents RACISTS and un-American but Corey DeAngelis ain't ABOUT to let her off the hook

Sorry, Randi, we all see you.

Randi Weingarten quoting Virginia’s former secretary of education calling parents advocating for their children ‘racists’ is a perfect example of why Terry McAuliffe lost. Oh, don’t get us wrong, the guy sucked for many reasons, but this behavior towards parents?


Yeah, that was what really did his campaign in.

And the fact Randi used this quote tells us all they learned NOTHING:

Not only did they call parents racists, but they also called them un-American.

And they wonder why they keep losing.

Oh, and nice try deleting it Randi, but we know you tweeted it and we know who you really are.

Thank God Youngkin won.

That’s all we can say.

And totally un-American apparently.

Then she went on to tweet this:


Which is where we’re pretty sure the quote came from?

School choice now.

Disband the unions.

They’ve shown us what their real endgame is and it has nothing to do with educating children.



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