Dude, Neil Young is a serious hater.

At least he was.

We get it, our pals on the Left rarely think before they rage, and the idea of some old hippie who supposedly sang about freedom and peace fighting evil Joe Rogan who is allegedly so convincing on his podcast that listeners are dying left and right (they’re not) appeals to their desperation to be relevant and meaningful BUT we’d suggest they spend a little more time looking at their latest hero:


We like how Rolling Stone follows up by apologizing for Neil’s comments FOR HIM … and hilarious they called it ‘right-wing politics’.

Seems a tad bit less apologetic than the piece above.


Joe Rogan interviewed doctors who don’t agree with Fauci and stuff! That’s far worse?


Oh, but this was our favorite. Apparently, Neil tried to sue Trump for using his music, so this is not his first temper tantrum…

Neil ended the suit.

And got his picture taken with Trump.


The Left sure can pick ’em.

Oh, and their other hero Joni Mitchell dressed up in blackface but that’s another article.



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