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'Spotify WON'T survive this. LOL!' The USA Singers removing their music to 'stand in solidarity with Neil Young' may be the biggest self-own EVER

‘Oh no! Resistance group The USA Singers is leaving Spotify?! REEEEE!’ … said literally no one, ever.


Standing in solidarity with Neil Young by canceling yourselves and taking your music away from the 51 people on Spotify who actually care, yeah, that’ll show Joe Rogan.

These people.

Spotify will definitely miss those 51 monthly listeners.


Watching these people cancel themselves because Spotify wouldn’t cancel someone else has been highly entertaining.

Awww, kitty and a rainbow.


Desperation for relevance.

They even begged Taylor Swift to take her music off Spotify …

You know the face you make when the person in front of you is driving with their right-hand turn signal on but aren’t turning? Yeah, we just made that face.



And fin.



Whoever is running Biden’s Twitter account’s attempt at damage control with Ukrainian phone call just makes things WORSE

‘Such a despicable sh*thead’: Blue check’s attempt at smearing Ilya Shapiro as a RACIST in nasty thread does NOT go well

‘It would be an ASSAULT on our Democracy’: Matt Walsh TORCHES Democrats with their own words about a midterm SCOTUS pick

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