Wow, Biden’s phone call with Ukrainian officials couldn’t have gone any worse if he’d actually tried. According to Zelensky, the leader of the free world told him to ‘brace for the Russian invasion.’ Of course, our pals in the White House are denying he said that.

And apparently, they thought sharing a picture of Biden looking thoughtful on the phone call in a pic for a tweet was a good thing.

There’s just one thing …

Since when are trees full and GREEN at the end of January in DC?

C’mon, man!

At least find a photo of the old man on the phone with a background that looks like WINTER.

Also, do you guys think Biden even knows what Twitter is?


Sun shining through the window.


Now, to be fair, Zelensky’s spokesperson has also said Biden did not say this …

But the White House tweeting a fake picture with their claim about the call only makes people more suspicious.

We shall see.



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