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‘Something I said? LOL!’ Toure gets all SORTS of triggered in back and forth over simple meme that proves DEMOCRATS are the racists

This tweep made a pretty spot-on point about anyone still masking (unless forced to by some overreaching, bureaucratic, progressive-infested board or politician).

Masks have become more of a virtue signal than anything else.

Even the CDC has admitted those pretty (filthy) cotton masks don’t do much of anything to STOP THE SPREAD.

For whatever reason, Toure felt the need to chime in.

Note: When did he drop Touré? Did he figure out it’s a pain in the a*s to write it over and over again with the é?

Well, gosh champ, if you say so.

You’ve gotta wonder how people like Bruce go their whole lives without knowing how to tie their own shoes.


‘Some Welder’ (literally his handle) dropped this inconvenient little meme on Bruce (and by default, on Toure):

Toure was none too happy with the meme …

Guess the truth hurts?

Sheesh, calm down Toure, it’s just a meme.

Yeah yeah yeah, he went on to ramble some incredibly stupid and racist nonsense because that meme clearly bothered him, but we won’t bore you any further with his tweets.

You’re welcome.

What he said.

Yes, the masks are the Left’s MAGA hats.



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