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'You are high AF': Krystal Ball claiming it's 'right-wingers' who mock anti-vaxxer COVID deaths goes OH so very, very wrong

A simple Google search would have saved Krystal Ball so much embarrassment.

Heck, a simple Twitter search even.

It all started here, with this horrific and repugnant column from Michael Hiltzik claiming it’s necessary to mock the COVID deaths of anti-vaxxers. Oh sure, he admits it’s ghoulish, but necessary.


And you know ol’ Mikey here thinks he’s the good guy.

What a garbage person.

And Krystal was right to call him out HOWEVER, she really really really still managed to get it really really really wrong.

She was THIIIIIIS close.


We’re not seeing any right-wingers mock the COVID deaths of anti-vaxxers. Now, we are seeing them mock people who have been absolutely horrendous to the unvaccinated, who are triple jabbed, and still caught COVID (looking at you, Geraldo), but mocking the death of people one disagrees with politically is a game of the Left.


Sorry, not sorry.

Not just typically.



A quick Twitter search shows this as well.


No, no she can’t.


We made the same face.



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