Interesting ‘fact-checker’ the AP pulled … yup.

Ok, so there’s more to his original thread but it’s so boring because he really thinks people are just too stupid to know they’re buying into conspiracy theories because people with large accounts on social media say something and they’re too dumb not to buy it or something.

Hey, he’s the ‘expert’.

We won’t bore you.

But it did get interesitng here:

Because only a conspiracy theorist would think there’s a conflict of interest here.


There’s also this from the AP’s expert:

What can we do to nudge and encourage and cajole and motivate people to do the right thing?

That sounds sorta mass formation psychosis-y.

Just sayin’.

Hey, even if you don’t always agree with Jack Posobiec this feels like a conflict. That doesn’t make us conspiracy theorists.

Sorry, Jay.


Trying to make us think he finds us all laughable for questioning him.

There has to be some sort of psychological term for this, right?


So if you doubt this guy you’re basically mental?



Social Identity and Moarlity Lab?


He says as he writes an entire thread about the nerve of someone to doubt him.

Funny stuff.


Good gravy, this guy is referencing himself.

Unless, of course, he’s the one being fact-checked.


Uh huh.

We’re not entirely sure how he thinks this somehow negates the conflict of interest we’re seeing here but … ok?

No idea what the Hell he’s doing.

For example:

He wrote the book on it.

But you know, this is all just a conspiracy.

Or something.



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