Governor Ralph Northam was the guy who was cool letting a baby who survived a botched abortion slowly die.

Wounded healer … right.

Tell us ANOTHER one.

And of course, it’s behind a paywall.


He should have resigned over the blackface scandal because all he did during his term was destroy the state to pretend he wasn’t a racist. Oh sure, he blamed the virus for shutting down 25% of all small businesses, shutting down the schools so the teacher’s association could utilize the shutdown for more ‘equitable’ teaching, but the summer of 2020 when he allowed rioters to destroy downtown Richmond, that was all him.

That and the removal of Virginia’s history.

Yeah, he really sucks.

We Virginians are not sad to see him go.


After we were done being angry about their stupid article yes, we laughed too.

Right? The drivers were to blame for being stranded for over a day on a stretch of Virginia highway.


That sums this crap article up.



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