Media fact-checking … what a joke.

Don’t worry, everyone. The media says there ‘is no evidence’ of pandemic ‘mass formation psychosis’.

That’s sort of like an arsonist telling people not to worry about them setting any more fires because they’re no evidence arsonists set fires and stuff.

And now the Lefties will run off saying, ‘SEE, THE FACT-CHECK SAYS YOU CRAZY PEOPLE ON THE RIGHT ARE WRONG AGAIN, HA HA HA HA.’ There’s a reason the freakin’ fact-checks always seem to go one way, y’all.

Christopher Rufo nailed it in this brutal thread:

Truly the lowest form of journalism.


Exactly who they are. For a long time, we’ve known they are biased, but under Biden, they have well and truly become another arm of the DNC and the administration.

‘Then laundering that political agenda through the pseudo-scientific fact-checking process.’

Nailed it.

That is EXACTLY what they’re doing. Sort of like how unions and Planned Parenthood launder monies for the Democratic Party but that’s another article.


Like that ‘misinformation Ph.d’ claiming #BareShelvesBiden trended but it wasn’t organic? Really?

What he said.




‘Misinformation Ph.D’ goes STRAIGHT-UP #BlueAnon in thread DEMANDING Twitter ‘look into’ #BareShelvesBiden tag and WHOA NELLIE, that’s a lotta backfire