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Ralph Northam SNAPS at reporter for DARING to ask him what went wrong when he left 100s of Virginians stranded on #I95 for hours and hours (watch)

Ralph Northam came in as a joke and he’s leaving as a joke.


Seems Governor Blackface (or Klan Robe, he’s not sure which) was none too happy with a reporter asking him what went wrong when he left hundreds of Virginians stranded on I95 for hours and hours. Tim Kaine himself was there almost 27 hours …

Apparently, Ralphie doesn’t want people to think he did anything wrong.

From WRVA via

In a one-on-one zoom interview with WRVA to discuss the end of his term, Governor Ralph Northam forcefully responded to questions over this week’s response to the snowstorm, and the massive backup on I-95. Some drivers spent over 24 hours between Richmond and Washington. Northam took issue with characterizing the response as what went wrong, saying “sick and tired” of talking about it in those terms. In the interest of transparency, WRVA is posting the questions and response below:

And Democrats wonder WHY they lost.

Sure, McAuliffe was a serious train wreck of a hot dumpster fire (really, telling parents they shouldn’t be involved in what their kids learn?!), but Virginians were already OVER a democrat being in charge of their state. And watching ol’ Coonman react like this says a lot about WHY.


Amen again.



That guy.



‘Lying? Can’t count? Maybe BOTH.’ Joy Reid DRAGGED for melodramatic, straight-up false retelling of Jan 6

Eric Swalwell’s Jan 6 tweet may be the most pathetic, dramatic, pretentious, laughable tweet of the day and considering the other crap out there? WOOF!

‘Sick of this CRAP!’ John Hayward’s thread on what Democrats and media are REALLY using #January6th for a DEVASTATING (to them) must-read


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