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Class is in SESSION: Ted Cruz SCHOOLS 'revisionist historian' Nikole Hannah-Jones on basic Civil War history she can't even get right

We’re certainly not experts on the history of this country, HOWEVER, even we know when the Civil War started. It’s one of those things they teach us all in school.


Well, when they used to teach kids in school, we’re not entirely sure what they’re doing now but we digress.

On that note, you’d think someone like Nikole Hannah-Jones would actually know that little tidbit …

Then again, her whole schtick is pushing revisionist history to make people hate one another NOW, so it could be in her little make-believe world the Civil War did start in 1865.

Ted Cruz tried his best to educate her a bit:

Let’s see if Ted breaks out the puppets and crayons.

A brief glimpse at her timeline shows us she is very defensive and claims she does know when the Civil War started, she just worded the tweet poorly.


We imagine that could be the excuse for the entire train wreck of her 1619 Project, that it was just worded poorly.

Yeah, that’s it.



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