PRETTY sure Sean Gunn is famous because his big brother put him in a big movie.

So we’re not entirely sure why he thinks he has ANY business lecturing JK Rowling about her stance regarding gender when in the grand scheme of being famous, he’s really not. And he’s certainly NOT an expert on gender … mansplain much, chief?

No, actually the question at the heart of this debate is why Sean felt the need to try and talk down to Rowling in this way. Was he hoping the trans-community would think of him as an ally and perhaps he’d gain more followers? Or did he know this tirade would get him on the ‘radar’ and he’d get dragged like he’s never been dragged before?

We suppose someone desperate for attention will take any sort of attention, good or bad.

Oh, he continued:


You’d think if he was going to mansplain to one of the most famous writers in modern times he’d at least try and use the correct form of YOUR.

But then he used a big word like, ‘confounding.’ Ooooh.

Someone wanna hand Sean that mirror?

And another mirror for that tweet.

HOOBOY, when it comes to people with zero self-awareness, ol’ Sean is right at the top of the list.

He had to know this wouldn’t go well.

*chef’s kiss*

It’s staggering, right?

A rich person whose big brother helped him get there … just wanted to put that caveat in there.


Rich, worthless man things.


Not in the least.



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