Canada is worried about our 2024 election and wonders if they should intervene so we don’t elect another big meanie like Trump or basically any Republican. Even though the most authoritarian president we’ve EVER had is sitting in the White House (or in Delaware) right now …

What a bunch of weirdies, eh?

From The Globe and Mail (what IS it with all of these paywalls?!):

But a large minority of American voters appear to have lost faith in their political system, egged on by media organizations, such as Fox News, that stoke and profit from that alienation. Supporters of former president Donald Trump are ascendant within the Republican Party, and appear determined to secure victory in the next election by hook or by crook.

If Mr. Trump, or one of his Republican acolytes, wins the 2024 presidential election – either legitimately or by manipulating the results at the state level – what will be left of the judiciary, the public service and a constitutionally constrained military after four more years? And how will their most fervent supporters react if the Republicans lose?

Typically, when asked about American presidential elections, Canadian prime ministers say they look forward to working with whoever wins. But that may not cut it this time. The 2024 American president election could greatly influence this country’s future. Do we just stand by and watch?

What are they gonna do? Throw maple syrup at us?

Should WE intervene in their election because they keep electing wet noodles like Trudeau?


In other words, come get some.


As South Park once wisely said, ‘Eff Canada.’



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