Well, well, well, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is really living it up in free Florida. And this editor should note, our criticizing AOC has absolutely zero to do with wanting to date and/or sleep with the Socialist Democrat darling. It’s really just the complete hypocrisy of it all. While parents in her district are worried about their kids going back to school (and masking the littlest of the little), she’s taking advantage of a state that hasn’t locked down any of its people via draconian mandates.

Case in point.

The saddest part of this is her supporters who chime in and say she deserves a vacation. While they sit in New York, forced to mask everywhere they go and provide their vaccination passports to go out and eat anywhere. Christina Pushaw really summed up the entire issue leaving AOC zero room to claim it’s because people want to date her.

Nailed it.

If AOC wants to party and be free, we totally support that. But she should be fighting for her constituents to have that same level of freedom, especially kiddos who are forced to mask and sit OUTSIDE IN THE COLD for lunch because that somehow protects them from a virus.

Christina continued:

There it is.

Not hypocrisy (although we think there’s a teensy bit there as well), but HIERARCHY. Rules for thee but not for me. And yes, she is showing that she is powerful and untouchable in her position of elected official.

Just like any good Socialist does.

The people who support her more than support her living it up while they suffer.

It’s freakin’ weird.

Just the most ridiculous woman … maybe, ever.



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