Twitter suspended Marjorie Taylor Greene accusing her of posting misinformation about COVID. Let’s be honest, there is a plethora of misinformation about COVID on Twitter, they only care about removing anything that doesn’t go along with what they believe. Look what they’ve done to Dr. Malone … and now MTG.

It’s sad.

And honestly, only the weak would celebrate Twitter suspending someone they disagree with.

Case in point.

See what we mean?



Even if you don’t like what MTG posts (and full transparency, this editor isn’t always a fan), you shouldn’t celebrate the fact that Twitter has silenced her. Someone who really and truly supported free speech would champion the speech of those they disagree with.

But that is irrelevant when talking about Ana.

That won’t happen, Ana pushes the right misinformation.


CNN has other problems to worry about but fair point.


Sulu had to chime in as well.

He then went on to babble about how it’s not against the first amendment to suspend MTG.

But that’s not the argument many people are making.

The reality …

Shallow, lazy thinkers.

Yup, sums them up perfectly.



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