For months, we’ve heard nothing but how evil Gov. Ron DeSantis is for not locking down his state with draconian and overreaching mandates. Even when Florida had the lowest transmission of any state, nobody wanted to talk about that. You’d think states like Michigan, California, and especially New York would be all over the media with their crazy surges in COVID cases but nope, Democrats run those states so our friendly neighborhood fire-fighting journalists don’t see the need to drag them.

Even though their data even now is far, far worse than Florida’s.

Christina Pushaw seems to have had ENOUGH (and who could blame her):

Read that again.

Florida has NO MANDATES.

NYC has the strictest mandates in the country. And yet their cases in a CITY are higher than an entire state.


Seems strange, right?

In other words, fewer people are testing positive per testing in NYC than they are in Florida.

As we said up there, strange.

Again, a city compared to a STATE.

What the Hell is happening in New York City, folks?

Gosh, whatever happened to Rebekah Jones?


Great minds.

Because THAT’LL stop the virus.

So damn dumb.

Nice try but …





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