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'Dem conspiracy machine ALREADY in overdrive': Laurence Tribe must REALLY be worried about those 22 midterms to be pushing this crazy


Our good, not-at-all psychotic friends on the Left are REALLY ramping up the fear and crazy around January 6. Yeah yeah yeah, we get it, we’re within three days of the anniversary of THE COUP (or whatever they’re calling it right now to scare people into voting for Democrats), but seriously with this?


This is just insanity.


Larry Tribe is just a mess. A mess 1.2 MILLION people follow on Twitter.

The coup is still underway. DA DA DAAAAA!

And of course, the story is behind a paywall.

From The Boston Globe:

A year has passed since that dark day. I still remember the bitter smell of tear gas as we walked back into the building later that day. I can feel the crunch of broken glass under my shoes and see the small drops of blood on the white marble floors. But those memories are less crisp now and they have taken a backseat to anger, outrage, and frustration.

I’m angry that many Republicans failed to denounce political violence, disavow the Big Lie, and say loudly and clearly that the election was not stolen.

I’m outraged at the cowardice of so-called leaders like minority leader Kevin McCarthy who still embrace the very conspiracy theories that led to violence.


They’re really milking this, right? Considering the potato sitting in the White House they elected to lead their party we’re not surprised they’re already going the route of ‘it’s not an election, it’s a coup.’ Luckily, the only people this sort of tripe resonates with would never vote for a Republican anyway.

Worried about the midterms, Larry? You should be.






Worst ever?

Yeah. 2022 is gonna be FUN.



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