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'Pot ... meet kettle.' Joy Reid trying to discredit Dr. Robert Malone's appearance on Joe Rogan and 'mass formation psychosis' goes oh SO very wrong

Joy Reid really should stick to talking about things she understands. There must be something, right?

She sure seemed to know a lot about those time-traveling homophobic hackers who put a bunch of homophobic stuff on her blog. We still can’t believe she not only pushed that theory, but her supporters believed it and MSNBC kept her on the air.


Now THAT is a mass psychosis.


No wonder she was all fussy with Dr. Robert Malone’s appearance with Joe Rogan and his discussing the mass formation psychosis … hit a little too close to home.

‘So this guy’ … talking down about him from the get-go. She realizes he’s the guy who invented mRNA technology, right? He MIGHT know a thing or two about it, just sayin’. But Joy had to be Joy and really really really embarrass herself.

She kept going.

When you have members of the media who are more than willing to spread the psychosis, to feed it, to keep it going for those clicks and taps … c’mon Joy. Perhaps the real reason she’s trying to poo-poo Malone’s theory is that she knows she’s played a huge part in making it happen. This tweet in and of itself fuels that psychosis, and she doesn’t even know it.


Or maybe she does.

Anything to discredit the naysayers, right, Joy? Don’t you love it when one member of the media shares another media story that fuels their own narrative and pretends it’s somehow proof they’re right?

He’s educating people and supporting them in making their own decisions.

There, fixed it for her because even her own correction stinks.


They all protect one another, don’t they?


She likely did not.

Or she didn’t understand it.

But that doesn’t stop her from trying to keep people from listening to him or thinking for themselves because as with all things, nothing matters more than the narrative which ironically is fueling the mass formation psychosis.




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