Wait. A teenager disagrees with their dad? And that dad is Ted Cruz?! WHOA.



Holy crap this is dumb:

From the Dallas Morning News:

Republican U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz found himself in a predicament this week that would make any parent working in politics nervous: an outspoken teenage daughter with a TikTok account.

Answering questions from followers on the social media application about the pros and cons of being related to a U.S. senator, Cruz’s 13-year-old daughter said she liked traveling and receiving candy and gifts in the mail. But she expressed dislike for her security detail, which she said follows her around her neighborhood and to her friends’ homes. The video was first reported by The Dallas Observer.

She’s 13.

Really guys?

And she doesn’t like a security detail?



We’re not supposed to pick on Hunter Biden because he’s Joe’s son, but Ted’s 13-year-old daughter is fair game.

Cripes, the media sucks.

But this is a big deal and stuff since he’s Ted Cruz or something.

This is an insult to scumbags everywhere.

Hard-hitting news right here.

You betcha.



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