As Twitchy readers know, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is apparently vacationing/spending New Year’s Eve in the freest state in the Union while her constituents deal with the largest COVID surge they’ve seen yet. Hey, we hardly blame her for getting out of that sh*thole for New Year’s (this editor can’t understand how ANYONE can stand to live there at all now), but considering how she treated Ted Cruz when he left the state of Texas during a winter storm? Seems pretty damn hypocritical.

Just sayin’.

And since we’re talking about her being a hypocrite, thought we’d share her original thread shaming the good senator from Texas, not even a year ago:

An environmental CRISIS. A CRISIS!!!

Gosh, we’re not experts or anything but we’re not entirely sure what she thought Ted could do to make the power grid work better. Still, you’d think someone this sanctimonious and DEDICATED to her constituents wouldn’t bail while the state sees a SURGE of COVID cases, unlike anything they’ve ever seen before. 74k in one day!

That’s a crisis, right?

Maybe New York shouldn’t let her back in? Then again, that would keep her in Florida and we really don’t want her screwing up that state.

Never mind.

But this tweet was awful.

She’s busy sipping margaritas in Florida, thank you very much!


You really can’t make this crap up.

Hypocrite says WHAT, AOC?

A reminder this woman auditioned for the ‘role’ to of running for her seat.

A reminder this woman is an actress in more ways than one and her sad followers and supporters keep lapping it up.

Even now, they’re defending her saying, ‘she needs a vacation.’ As they sit in their homes, being forced to show papers to eat at a restaurant, all masked up. Pretty pathetic if you ask us.

Awww, good times.



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